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asdcplib is an open source implementation of SMPTE and the MXF Interop “Sound & Picture Track File” format. It was originally developed with support from DCI. Development is currently supported by CineCert and other d-cinema manufacturers. See the bundled README file for more information. asdcplib is implemented in C++ and builds on Win32 and most unix platforms that support GCC.

The following SMPTE standards (and their normative references) are supported:

  • 377M-2004
  • 381M-2005
  • 382M-2007
  • 429-3-2006
  • 429-4-2006
  • 429-5-2008
  • 429-6-2006
  • 429-10-2008

asdcplib supports reading and writing MXF files containing sound (PCM), picture (JPEG 2000 or MPEG-2) and timed-text (XML) essence. Plaintext and ciphertext are both supported using OpenSSL for cryptographic support. An object-oriented API is provided along with a command-line program asdcp-test that provides access to most of the API.

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