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Asset Management & Manufacturing


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System Requirements

Pakanu provides web-based access to local and Storage Area Network file systems to browse file-system hierarchies or browse by data-oriented tagging and filtering. Pakanu provides visibility into the embedded metadata of IMF and DCP assets for detailed analysis and, once registered, asset interdependencies are also tracked. This information can then be used to select assets for further processing. Capabilities can be scaled by adding additional units to the same SAN.

Inspect Assets

CineCert’s Pakanu Asset Management & Manufacturing system provides the tools to find assets, view embedded metadata and understand interdependencies.

Register & Tag

Record the location, asset identifiers, metadata and arbitrary name/value tags with each asset to facilitate later discovery.

Customizable tags can be used as additional metadata or to track customized processing states.

View Dependencies

Child and parent dependencies are calculated for registered IMF and DCP assets to further support processing.


Selections of assets are submitted to built-in or user-developed Python processing scripts and orchestrated to your particular needs.

Task dependencies can be specified to control ordering of processing.

Scripts are executed by a multi-threaded asynchronous task management system that is easily scaled to available processors.


Fully customizable automation of IMF and DCP mastering processes.

Pakanu is delivered with a complete set of scripts for registration, testing, packaging, and more.

Pakanu’s Python environment allows customers to define virtually any process, using features from the vast global library of free and commercial Python extensions and customers’ proprietary extensions.


Browse and view asset details from any modern web browser using the provided web-based GUI.

Pakanu provides a web-based access to local and Storage Area Network file system to browse file-system hierarchies or browse by data-oriented tagging and filtering.


Access the RESTful API for programmatic integration and data collection. Remote processes can access asset metadata, control and monitor Pakanu tasks and system resources via the built-in HTTP server. 

Pakanu commands use JSON or XML document types to allow convenient interface with popular control environments. 

System Requirements

  • The product software runs on Linux hosted on your hardware or in the cloud.
  • Clients can access the software from multiple platforms using a modern web browser.
  • Integration with MaUI Digital Cinema Mastering.