Contacting Us:

If you are reporting a problem or error, please include precise details such as related XML files and information such as command line input and terminal output.



+1 (818) 563-1455
Monday – Friday
9 A.M to 5 P.M. Pacific Time

Shipping Address

CineCert Inc.
2840 North Lima Street
Suite 110A
Burbank, CA 91504

Support Policy

CineCert offers support for all of its products and services during our normal business hours (‘Support’).  All Support is offered on a ‘commercially reasonable efforts’ basis, and is subject to the availability of CineCert’s support personnel. We typically offer up 5 hours of Installation Support for new installations, included with your license.

Please be aware that ‘Maintenance’ and ‘Support’ are different programs, cover different events and are billed differently.  Your ‘Maintenance’ clause in your license agreement covers the following: the provision by CineCert of ‘Corrections’ to the software, as and when CineCert develops such Corrections generally, and the provision of reasonable technical support relating to such Corrections by telephone or electronic mail during CineCert’s normal business hours.  ‘Corrections’ are defined as error corrections, bug fixes, patches, compatibility, and interoperability/standards compliance modifications to the software.

Any support or services which are do not fall under the definition of ‘Maintenance’ would be considered ‘Support’ and are subject to hourly charges.  Examples of Support include interpretation of error messages, build requests unrelated to Maintenance, and assistance with API modification.  Please contact to arrange a support agreement.

In order to be eligible for Support, you must have a CineCert license for the product to be supported and be current in your ‘Maintenance’ payments under your license agreement. If you have a Subscription License, the Maintenance payment is included in your Subscription payment.

If you are not current in your Maintenance payments or have cancelled Maintenance, CineCert may not provide you Support or Maintenance.  CineCert generally will not reinstate Maintenance that has lapsed – even if you wish to pay the unpaid amounts – but may offer you a new subscription license to replace your old license.  So in order to remain current with new releases and receive Support, please be sure to make your Maintenance payments on a timely basis.