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    Waimea Server


D-Cinema Key Management


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System Requirements

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CineCert’s Waimea Key Management System is a secure hardware device for the creation of encryption keys and Key Delivery Messages (KDMs), and for the management of libraries of digital identity certificates.

Generate KDMs

Fast, Reliable and secure KDM Generation.

Using DKDM and a target certificate already ingested, Waimea will create a KDM for the target device.

Manage Device Certificates

Waimea will ingest and validate a d-cinema device certificate using chain elements previously loaded onto the server via the same process. Once a certificate has been loaded, it will be available for KDM authoring operations. Waimea supports certificates in both SMPTE 430-2 and JPEG Interop formats.

Validate & Securely Store DKDMs

Waimea stores Distribution KDMs (DKDMs) for future use in KDM authoring. DKDMs are analyzed for errors during ingest. Waimea limits KDM authoring to the time limits present in the source DKDM.


Easily Programmable and Scriptable using robust Python, C++ and REST APIs.

Waimea is designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow by providing all functions using remote procedure call (RPC) or RESTful APIs.

Configure for Redundancy

System redundancy is enhanced by secure, automated peering with off-site Waimea servers.

Hardware Specifications

The Waimea server dimensions are 21″L x 19″W x 1.75″H (1U high). It is 22″ deep including the front handles. The server has an auto-switching power supply and can be connected to input voltages of 120v or 240v, 50 or 60Hz. The Waimea server uses approximately 50 watts.

The server can either sit on a rack shelf or be mounted in the rack by the front-mounted rack ears. The holes on the rack ears are not threaded.

Box Contents

The Waimea server package includes the following:

  • The Waimea Server
  • AC Power Cable
    (NEMA 5-15 plug type / IEC C13 connector and/or CEE 7/7 plug type / IEC C13 connector)

The Waimea client SDK software is available for a variety of platforms.