D-Cinema Mastering

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Digital Cinema Mastering Software


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System Requirements

CineCert’s MaUI D-Cinema Mastering UI is a full-featured DCP mastering solution that provides advanced mastering capabilities with a convenient web-accessible user experience.


Compress DPX or TIFF files to JPEG2000 frames with color space conversion, cropping and padding.


Wrap JPEG 2000 pictures, PCM sound, and SMPTE ST 428-7 or TI CineCanvas™ timed text into the MXF file format, in either Interop or SMPTE formats.

Build DCP

Create compositions from scratch or by modifying an existing CPL.

Save composition editing sessions for later recall.


Create custom packages containing selected compositions and track files.

Create KDMs

Create KDMs for players and key distribution systems.


Wailua validation is incorporated into the creation process of every package and composition, providing auditable assurance of output quality.


MaUI is a multi-user, web-accessible GUI specifically designed for advanced DCP mastering workflows.

Optimize Processing

MaUI incorporates extensive background task management to simplify job scheduling and make the most of available computing resources.


Available as a full-featured, standalone product and as an add-on for CineCert’s Pakanu Asset Management & Assembly System.

System Requirements

  • The product software runs on Linux hosted on your hardware or in the cloud.
  • Clients can access the software from multiple platforms using a modern web browser.